soil in ft worth

How The Soil In Fort Worth Contributes to Foundation Problems In Homes

Different soil types affect a home’s foundation in unique ways. Texas is huge and has a large variety of geography, surface geology and climates in the area, as well as a multitude of soil types. What this means for Texas homeowners and homebuyers is that the foundation of your (prospective) home will be affected by…

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foundation damage

Look Out For These Warning Signs Of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage is one thing you cannot afford to ignore, as it could mean serious danger for your home and its occupants if left to worsen. Most homeowners worry about the cost of foundation repair. However, think of it as an investment in maintaining your home’s value and overall appeal. There are a number of…

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Is Foundation Repair Covered By Insurance?

Most homeowners would reason that their homeowners insurance should cover any damage that is not the homeowners fault. However, that’s not how insurers reason; they will have a list of events they accept and events they reject. Events that are considered too risky, such as earthquakes and floods, are unlikely to be covered. Unfortunately, the…

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Help! My Home Has Foundation Cracks!

A sudden or slowly developing crack in your foundation or basement wall will certainly grab your attention every time you look at it. On one hand, it could mean that a new home is settling in, which is a natural process. However, it could also mean that your home has serious structural problems that might…

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Cost of foundation repair

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Foundation repair costs will get any homeowner jittery. This is because unlike typical homeownership costs such as mortgage payments, you don’t really expect that your foundation will have problems. On the other hand, foundation problems cannot and should not be ignored, because rather than go away on their own, they’ll only become worse. If you’re…

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