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Texas Foundation Pros provides foundation repair to the Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller, Benbrook, and Haltom City Texas area. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost service quote. Some of the reasons our customers recommend us to their family and friends:

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Check Out Our Affordable Foundation Repair Services

A firm foundation makes up a good home, but sometimes the foundation settles and starts moving. Foundation repair can solve the problem.

Several factors can lead to foundation damage. Some of the common problems include improperly compacted fill soils, construction over clay surfaces which then begin to expand with time, and improper maintenance of the area surrounding the foundation. Buildings in the North Texas region often have to deal with structural issues at some point.

We deliver expert and affordable foundation repair. We can handle your slab or pier and beam foundation repair needs, and also offer mud jacking repair services in certain situations. We approach every job with utmost care and attention to detail. We also bring in our standing track record of delivering found repair for thirty years. You can bet that you have a trusted and reliable company working dedicatedly to get the job done the right way.

Integrity is the foundation of our business, and we deliver quality services at fair prices and treat all our customers with utmost respect.

Serving Clients in Fort Worth, Texas

Get in touch with us today, and we will offer you free estimates (for homeowners or decision-makers), a selection of practical payment methods, and remarkable warranty options. We value your happiness and place it top on our priority list by covering all the bases.

Naturally, we know that you need a better understanding of our foundation repair process. One thing is for sure; we can provide the right type of foundation repair suited for your business or home.

When Should You Get Slab Foundation Repair?

Do you have a concrete slab foundation and made a note of cracks on it? We can handle the problem for you and promise to offer nothing short of impeccable workmanship. We take care of the job using the best equipment, materials, and tools to restore concrete slab foundations to their firm, stable and safe states.

The signs are discernable signaling that your concrete slab is in need of foundation repair. Upheaval (the opposite of a settled foundation), foundation cracks (caused by structural changes or settlement), and improperly installed or shifted piers are some of the signs that you need foundation repair.

Some of the other signs to keep an eye out for include mold and moisture buildup, the crumbling of the concrete in your basement, wall fissures, and leaning chimneys.

Other red flags include the unexplained loosening of door hinges or windows, or windows or doors sticking/jamming.

We have experience in handling all concrete slab foundation repair needs including slab fracture repairs. You want to avoid severe structural damage caused to your home by hiring an expert foundation repair contractor.

After an assessment, we will recommend the best slab foundation repair method for your home. We start working on the job as soon as possible to complete the task in the shortest time. We understand that you need a prompt, safe, and attention-driven approach to your foundation repair. We provide quick turnarounds because we know that our clients want to get back to their normal lives in the shortest time possible.

We Deliver Quality Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Services

Are you looking for experts in fixing pier and beam foundations? We can take up the job and do it the right way! We take a step-by-step approach to the repair process to make sure that your foundation gets fixed correctly. The first step is to assess your foundation damage. Our field technician then conducts an expert analysis to come up with an appropriate repair design.

After that, we determine installation points and make arrangements to clean out the work area. It means clearing out plant life, but we lay out tarps to safeguard your lawn and keep it in good condition. We start the repair process by digging up a hole that provides access to the new piers installation area.

The job requires a range of tools such as hydraulic jacks and a hydraulic ram. These professional tools help us to push the lead pipe in strategic sections and also to raise the level of the interior flooring. Someone should not attempt this themselves without access to the tools that foundation repair companies have.  The lead pipe and interior floor need to be in the right positions to ensure the proper installation of the new pier. After raising the structure, we place concrete cylinders and remove the hydraulic jacks. The barrels give your business or home long-term structural support.

We finish the job by filling up the excavation area and removing the debris from it. The repair approach we use goes towards solving several problems. For instance, it sorts out poor drainage issues and foundation damage amongst other problems.

All in all, you end up with a secure and safe pier and beam foundation.

We Offer Unmatched Pier and Beam Repair Services

Homes built before the 1960s used a pier and beam foundation. These types of structural base feature crawl spaces making it easier to perform structural repairs. Our technicians can get in through these spaces and fix your pier and beam issue. Call us immediately you take a note of cracks in your foundation on a pier and beam style house or business.

We will make a consultation date booking at a time and date to your convenience. A professional technician from our team will visit your residence to assess the problem.

Several variables determine the best approach to fix pier and beam foundations. Having our experts check out things helps to figure out the best repair strategy to serve your particular needs.

Once you get in touch and set up an appointment, we will send over a pro to assess your foundation. If our pro determines that you need repairs, we will work on the repairs in organized stages. We start with taking out shrubs and plants around the area. We then lay down tarps to make sure that your lawn remains in a pristine condition.

Our techs will then access the crawl space to replace the wooden beams with new ones. Often, these poles will feature damage through rotting or breakages. The techs will also replace the piers with newer ones if needed.

After fixing the piers and beams, we then stabilize the interior flooring to make sure that they get raised up to the proper position. The floor raising process is one of the repair processes that require the utmost attention to detail. Once the raising process gets completed, we will remove old shimming, if any are present, and install permanent metal fillers. Beams can also get mounted on a need basis. Additionally, we can add interior blocks, steel piers, or pads.

Next, we will replace the hydraulic jacks using concrete-made cylinders or steel-made piers. The cylinders or piers function as permanent support structures for the home. After completing the full repair job, we will then fill up the excavated area around your home and remove the debris as well.

Choosing this repair option comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Our Mud Jacking Repair Approach

We also use an attention-driven approach to the process of mud jacking repairs. The process involves raising the structure with the help of concrete. The concrete gets pumped underneath it, and we make use of different types of concrete. Our techs have the knowledge to determine what type of concrete can get the particular job done correctly.

There are times when we make use of polyurethane resins to provide higher degrees of control and precision compared to "mud." Most of our customers prefer concrete because of its affordability.


We deliver the most reasonably-priced mud jacking services with quick foundation repair services. We approach the mud jacking repair process by either using steel piling or concrete piling. Call us now and talk to us about your foundation repair needs. We can get your property back in top shape within no time.

We should note that it is not always desirable in Ft. Worth Texas to have mud jacking performed as opposed to other methods.  Contact us today and we’ll help you determine which is best for you.

The Reasons to Let Us Work on Your Foundation Repair

As you can see, we are well-versed with the science and art of performing efficient groundwork repairs.

You cannot substitute the education, training, and experience we bring to the job. Our skilled staff members understand that your home is by far one of the biggest investments you will ever make. We also know that foundation repairs have a significant impact in the process of safeguarding the structural integrity of your business premises or home. We, therefore, choose the most cautious approach when handling your property base repairs. We aim to enhance the structural strength of your home.

Our repairs approach is driven by ensuring that we uphold safety standards. For the homeowner looking for a foundation contracting company that puts structural integrity first, you need not look further. Don't just take our word for it. Our former customers have given us excellent reviews, and we also have a stellar BBB rating. We structure our services to deliver nothing short of exceptional workmanship, timely communication, and affordability.

We also work on business structural repairs as well. Contact us if you are a business owner with a commercial space that requires foundation repairs. We can handle any business-related groundwork repair. We have a standing record in helping business owners in the Ft. Worth, Texas area solve their structural base issues.  We take pride in being a valuable member of the Fort Worth business community.

How to Contact Us

Reach us through the current contacts listed on our official website. We have also made it a quick and hassle-free process to reach up with a quote request form included on our home page. Most of our customers prefer to start off the repair job process by calling to schedule an estimate.

Regardless of how you contact us, we can guarantee that our professionalism, competitive pricing, and experience level will reel you in. We take a careful approach when adding staff members to our team, and we take pride in the team we have on board. Our team members embody our mission of providing high standards of services. We also have a customer service team always available to offer assistance.

As proud Texans, we know that repairing the foundations of others in our community helps them safeguard their valuable business and home investments.

Request for a Quote

We hope that our comprehensive guide on the foundation repairs process has given you all the information you need. We have covered our process of approaching repairs on different types of foundations. We have also shared useful information about our company, and our commitment and mission to "make homes stronger." You must now know that we hold a strong belief in approaching foundations repair work with thought and diligence to get it done the right way.

With the detailed insight about our company and our business ethics, why not get in touch with us today? We are on standby to serve your structural repair needs. We can offer sensible advice on any issue related to your business or home structural support. So please reach out with any question, and we will be happy to help. We aim at making life easier for companies and homeowners.

Finally, we reiterate that it is important to address foundation damage as soon as possible.  When damage progresses, it complicates the repair needs. Get repairs immediately when you notice any damage to your foundation also helps in lowering repair costs.

As a Texas-based company, we understand the Texan home and business owner's repair needs. Our extensive infrastructure can handle any job size. We also bring our top of the line, modern equipment to manage the job. Also, we make use of only quality materials to work on foundation repairs assuring safety and durability.

We go the extra mile and pay close attention when working on repairs. It gives us a sense of satisfaction knowing that we have provided a valuable service to our clients at reasonable prices. We enjoy and treasure the relationships we build with clients. Word of mouth referrals from our loyal customers has helped us grow our business.

Invest in Repairs Done Professionally

Our services do not come at an arm and a leg. We deliver quality, personalized, and fairly priced services. We also operate under state and federal building codes and uphold safety guidelines.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about foundation repair, and finding out more about G.L Hunt. Call or email us so that we can set up a consultation at a convenient time for you. Our technician will make an assessment and provide an estimate for the job.

Our foundation repair services come designed to go the distance with you. Call us today at 469-620-1032.

Texas Foundation Pros Grand Prairie TX

Texas Foundation Pros

With over 28 years of experience, GL Hunt is a family owned business that strives to for customer satisfaction.  With their unmatched service, flexible financing, and lifetime transferable warranties, you can rest assured that your structural repair needs will be taken care of.  Call GL Hunt to schedule a Free Estimate at (469) 620-1032

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We couldn't have been happier with GL Hunt.  They're estimate was a reasonable price, the work was done quickly and professionally.  We thought foundation problems would be a nightmare, but they turned out to be a breeze with GL Hunt!

Evelyn J.
Evelyn J. Homeowner

Our doors were sticking and windows wouldn't shut.  We called GL Hunt and they came out in a couple of days and got us all signed up.  We took advantage of their awesome financing and definitely feel more secure knowing that we fixed the problems before it got any worse.

Julie P.
Julie P. Homeowner

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